rAndom International

For a year, Alexandra was a part of creating rAndom International's first solo exhibition in Scandinavia. She worked on the cultural incubator The Creative Plot and Lunds konsthall at the same time as the assistant curator for the exhibition. rAndom International is an art collective that works actively with the viewer through interaction and our senses. Not least through movement, which is the starting point for rAndom International's practice. In collaboration with the exhibition, an educational program was offered with guided tours, artist talks, family activities and workshops especially aimed at schools. Alexandra was a part of the creative process to found all the activities.


Alexandra also co-produced a documentary film about children's meetings with rAndom International's installations. The film seeks to capture the spontaneity of rAndom international interactions, while expressing children's reflections on technology and art. The documentary's name is "I don't like art". Last but not least, Alexandra worked with a public relations drive for the exhibition and planned the vernissage. 

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