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Pictures: HBG Talks and Helsingborg Tech

During the last 10 years  Alexandra has moderatored some of Swedens biggest culture and tech festivals, conferences and hackathons, for example: ​HBG Talks (2018), Documentary Film festival Nordisk Panorama (2015), Hack for Sweden (2018) and Confront (2018). She has also lectured about social media and innovation in relation to art at Lund University, Drivhuset, Region Skåne, Minc, Mindpark, City of Helsingborg and Ideon Innovation. In 2019, Alexandra was the moderator of the employee days at Helsingborgs stad. During two days she stod on stage in front of 10.000 people at Helingborgs Arena.

Before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic Alexandra gave multible live talks, as a part of her job at Doc Lounge and Visionsfonden.You can listen to one of them here. Down bellow you can watch when Alexandra was the moderator of HBG frukost in March 2021. 

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