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The City of Helsingborg and the Municipality of Elsinore initiated a new transdisciplinary IoT project – Over Sundet (Across the Strait). The project was based on an Open Call from Spring 2021. The citied searched for projects that showed new ways of working with technology and culture together with cities. The project chose to work with the Danish art collective Healthy Mind Tech consisting of Paula Petcu, Troels Nielsen, Martín Basterrechea, Alistair Clewlow and Kim Ng, and the Swedish art duo; Johan Gerlinder and Emil Berzén. 

The collaboration explored how sensors can be implemented in a city through an artistic, collective process providing agency about data and sensors to citizens. The work gave the audience an experience through a light installation exhibited at Kulturværftet, Helsingør and at city expo H22 at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg. Besides providing both cities with an artistic experience, the project also wanted to form new connections and understandings of what it means to be a human in relation to nature and the city. Alexandra was one of the initiators, project managers and curators for Extended Senses. 

Over sundet.jpg

Picture: Catch - Center for design, art and technology

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