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The exhibition Vävda rum (eng. Woven places) aims to create collective experiences in public spaces, focusing on what unites and connects us. Visitors are given the opportunity to rediscover their own surroundings and explore new perspectives on familiar places through exciting and thought-provoking interactive art experiences. Ten contemporary artists based in Sweden have been invited to explore the potential of AR technology to bring together different locations, emotions, and voices.

In each participating municipality, one or several local art and cultural associations have placed the ten virtual artworks in public places where they can be experienced through the Vävda rum app. For example, you can become part of a living sculpture, go for a jog with a virtual companion, or contribute to a shared word cloud of poetry. Each artwork is tailored to a public space found in most municipalities, such as a square, a fountain, or an empty lot. The artworks are interactive, and several are virtually interconnected. This means that, for instance, a visitor in Simrishamn can interact with a visitor in Jokkmokk through the artworks.

Alexandra was the project manager for the exhibition. To find out more, visit the website for Vävda rum. 

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