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During 2020 to 2021, the #kidsedition initiative was a part of Visionsfonden which is a quest within the city of Helsingborg. #kidsedition offered associations and organizations that works with kids financial support to give their vision of what Helsingborg will look like in 2035. The goal was for the children to feel confident of the future and grow up with the knowledge that they can influence the city and their own future.

Their quest was to develop a prototype (model) of the children's vision of Helsingborg 2035. This prototype could be almost anything; a robot, glitter cones, an audio or video recording or a major physical installation. . Five projects were funded, the participating associations and organizations were: Kvistofta Scoutkår, Helsingborgs Kampsportklubb, Svenska kyrkan Helsingborg, Fryshuset Helsingborg and HEJ UNGA HBG. 

Alexandra was the initiator and the project manager of #kidsedition. Take a minute and watch a television segment of the exhibition! 


Skärmbild 2022-02-08 201620.jpg

Pictures: SVT Helsingborg

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