I'm an outgoing art historian, project manager, curator and art educator with advanced knowledge in digital marketing and communication. I started off in the curious world of innovation and the creative industries. I have developed skills within innovative processes, interactive activities and art exhibition concepts and communication strategies. 

At Whaleartbranch I produce events, exhibitions and lectures about communication,  creativity, equality and art. I also moderate some of the biggest hackathons, conferences and festivals in Sweden. 


I'm currently working as the facilitator of Visionsfonden at Helsingborgs stad but I also do freelance work. During 2021-2022 I am on leave from my position in Helsingborg, to study a master's degree in Critical Art Studies. 


Are you looking for your next creative moderator? Are you curious to work with technology and art? Do you have an idea of an exhibition? Ping me!



+ (00) 46 723 609 314

Malmö & Oslo