F/art - Feminist Art

F/art - Feminist Art is a pop-up gallery that travels Sweden to spread energy, inspiration, culture and knowledge of the incredible possibilities of art. We want to give space to our sisters and brothers who produce and do projects, art, music, film and theater. To everyone out there who wants to change with the help of art and feminism. F/art started from with the frustration that "nobody" produced exhibitions and events that focused on young people's hope and drive. We love people who are creative and do. It doesn't matter what the shape is, a drawing, a song, a play, a tip walk or a graffiti painting made of plywood. If no one does something, nothing can change.

Art is our answer.The art before everything, everything for the art.

Alexandra Hvalgren runs F/art together with Sabina Contreras Nässel. During 2014-2016, the exhibition was exhibited at STPLN in Malmö, NAU Gallery in Stockholm and the artist collective FRANK in Malmö. During these three events, more than 1 . 500 people have participated in and experienced F/art. The events have been published in several different Swedish newspapers and the event concept's home arena for marketing is social media.

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