In collaboration with Kulturhotellet, Mindpark and THINK Open Space, three exhibitions were arranged in 2016/2017 at the windows located on the ground floor on Bredgatan 11 in Helsingborg. The artists were given the task of exploring Helsingborg on their own. What was Helsingborg and what is the future of the city? The first artist was Peter Arnesson, the second Matthilda Pendek and finally it was time for Cecilia Lundgren. The project was supported by the City of Helsingborg and Visionsfonden.

During Alexandra's time at Mindpark and THINK Open Space, she founded ARTSY. Her main role was to project mange the exhibitions regarding applications, planning, marketing and how the films would look visually. Together with Kulturhotellet, they found three local artists who expressed their future vision of the city. After the second exhibition, Alexandra finished her service at Mindpark, whose successor completed the last exhibition.

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