Art & Tech Hackathon

During two days in May 2016, Alexandra organized as the event and marketing manager for THINK Open Space @ Mindpark together with Minc, Lunds konsthall and The Creative Plot the first Art & Tech Hackathon in Skåne.An event, experience and method where artists, designers and hackers meet to create interactive works of art together.

The task was to think about 'How Do We Built a Human City?' In the future, our society, thanks to technology, will be much more automated. Within the theme, they also had to choose between three tracks / orientations; mobility (how will we move in our future more humane city?), the internet (is the internet like oxygen in the future, nothing we see or think about?) and love (how will we meet in the future if we cannot boast or tell us what we work with?). After 24 hours at Lund's Art Hall and 4 teams, 5 interactive artworks were created, which were seen by more than 150 people.

Alexandra worked as a project coordinator and had the main responsibility over press & PR, social media and the project's finances. You can read articles about the event in Sydsvenskan and Lokaltidningen Lund.

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